DTV Hell: Captain Planet: The Ultimate Pollution (and bonus)

New post after over 4 months? How can this be?

Well, since I owed my viewers a Captain Planet episode review, I figured I should get back into it. What happens when a 90’s PSA cartoon confronts an issue of the first world by placing it in the third world? I get political, that’s what. Oh, and bonus politics afterward with an OMG Spoilers review from earlier this year. Continue reading

DTV Hell: RayEarth

I must apologize for this one.  Even though I put in quite a bit of time, I didn’t really put in enough in my eyes.  Perhaps as I gain more experience, I will revisit these old reviews for reshoots, but I’ve got a bit of a deadline for the next one.
So, RayEarth.  It would be silly to call this a black eye on the franchise, since this barely qualifies as an entry.  Abandon Hope, friends.

DTV Hell (with bonus!): Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th

My Halloween review for the year. Well, I did post it on Blip and Youtube on Halloween. If you thought Scary Movie was the only Scream Parody, you thought wrong. Tom Arnold and Tiffani Thiessen act alongside people who probably expect more than just a paycheck from this made-for-TV parody. That, and bonus Generic Brand Review after the jump. Continue reading

More Midnight Hell: Spy Kids 4 and Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

Feeling a bit sick this week, and have some work schedule conflicts, so no new Midnight review.  Instead, here are the previous two.  First up, Spy Kids 4, where I find a few things funny in the movie and thus enjoy the (objectively bad) experience:

And secondly, Guillermo Del Toro’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.  Beware the spoilers and bitching about why I hate horror films.  Oh, and go see this one, it’s not bad.

DTV Hell Special: Little Mermaid 3 and “Midnight Hell”

Hey, I have a pair of videos for you all today.  First, my Midnight Release review of “30 Minutes or Less” with Zen’s more thorough review of “Final Destination 5” in 3D!

Next up, my newest DTV Hell review of Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning.  And this time, it’s not a Disney Sequel, it’s a prequel!  But, it sucks all the same.

DTV Heaven: Roman (video review)

I said it would be done by today.  So here it is.  This is the kind of movie that appeals to pretty specific audiences, but I liked it, so you might too!

On a side note, I’m giving up on Pinnacle Studio, because its a flawed piece of crap that constantly crashes and fights me for control harder than an OS X Mac.  A few notes after the jump. Continue reading