So, it’s been a month…

Yeah, well, as it turns out, Adobe Premiere is a crazy resource hog, and even with a brand new computer, I’m having some trouble getting it to do what I ask, but I know how to do everything I need, so it’s just a matter of time.  The next review is coming, and soon, but it’s not coming quite yet.



Update: Roman hates me. Or, maybe Pinnacle does…

The Roman review will, come hell or high water, be finished by the end of Sunday. I’ve had some real problems getting the footage and audio to sync properly after the first segment of the movie, so I’ve been sitting on a half-done review for a couple days. However, the next two reviews have already been written (first drafts, anyway), so they should be coming faster. Thanks to everyone who has been coming by and watching/reading these reviews. Here’s what’s coming up: Continue reading

DTV Hell: Cinderella II: My computer was in a coma… I mean, Dreams Come True

So, first off, to anyone who actually has been here in the last month or more, yes, my computer, that I use not only to make these posts but to type the reviews and watch many of the movies, completely crapped out on me for about a month.  Forewarning, it’s not fixed, it just felt like working again.  So, now comes the data harvesting in case such a thing happens again (and it will).  However, this review has been a long time coming, so it’s about time we get it out there.  Expect the next review in a day or two (they are both finished already).

Yes, folks. It’s that time again. Disney Sequel Time!

And this time, we are doing a two-parter. A pair of movies that should not have existed, irrespective of quality. Yes, the pointless sequels of the timeless tale of Cinderella, with the first being Cinderella II: Dreams Come True. Yeah, right. If dreams could really come true with consistency, I’d be a happier person, and these movies wouldn’t exist. Continue reading

Upcoming post

I apologize to anyone who actually has been coming to read the site, but it is taking some time for me to rework my upcoming reviews.  However, plans for a video supplement to some of my previous reviews are in the works, so with some effort, I should at least have the new text review up in a day or two, and the video next week.

What will the video be for?  Stay tuned to find out.