DTV Hell: RayEarth

I must apologize for this one.  Even though I put in quite a bit of time, I didn’t really put in enough in my eyes.  Perhaps as I gain more experience, I will revisit these old reviews for reshoots, but I’ve got a bit of a deadline for the next one.
So, RayEarth.  It would be silly to call this a black eye on the franchise, since this barely qualifies as an entry.  Abandon Hope, friends.



Update: Roman hates me. Or, maybe Pinnacle does…

The Roman review will, come hell or high water, be finished by the end of Sunday. I’ve had some real problems getting the footage and audio to sync properly after the first segment of the movie, so I’ve been sitting on a half-done review for a couple days. However, the next two reviews have already been written (first drafts, anyway), so they should be coming faster. Thanks to everyone who has been coming by and watching/reading these reviews. Here’s what’s coming up: Continue reading

DTV Hell: Rayearth (OVA Review)

This will be a pretty long review, so just skip to the end if you want my basic opinion.

As the first anime selection here on DTV Hell, I felt it would be a good idea to go with something that had a solid history behind it. You know, an OVA based on a good manga or series. So, naturally, Aquarion was out, and the Escaflowne movie was released in theaters, so that’s two strikes against it right there.

Honestly, I have no idea why I’m ripping on Shoji Kawamori right now, he has nothing to do with this OVA. However, I have been struggling valiantly to figure out who I can blame for this massive letdown, when the people behind the original manga are some of my absolute favorite writers and artists in Japanese animation. Continue reading