DTV Hell: Rayearth (OVA Review)

This will be a pretty long review, so just skip to the end if you want my basic opinion.

As the first anime selection here on DTV Hell, I felt it would be a good idea to go with something that had a solid history behind it. You know, an OVA based on a good manga or series. So, naturally, Aquarion was out, and the Escaflowne movie was released in theaters, so that’s two strikes against it right there.

Honestly, I have no idea why I’m ripping on Shoji Kawamori right now, he has nothing to do with this OVA. However, I have been struggling valiantly to figure out who I can blame for this massive letdown, when the people behind the original manga are some of my absolute favorite writers and artists in Japanese animation. Continue reading


DTV Hell: Seth MacFarlane’s Ironically titled “Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy”

Okay, so, it’s been about three weeks now since the last review, and about a week and a half since I said “a few days for the next review.” So, I suppose setting my own deadlines isn’t motivating enough yet. Gotta work on that.

This review, however, has been a long time coming, as it is something I’ve wanted to get into for a while. Back in 2008, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane decided to get together his many writers and create an internet-based series of short sketches that, at the time, seemed kinda funny. Cut to May of 2009, and a DVD was released, featuring uncensored versions of all the sketches shown online, along with some new sketches. The humor of the shorts had kind of dried up by this time, or maybe I just stopped being amused by the specific type of humor that this DVD specialized in. Continue reading

Upcoming post

I apologize to anyone who actually has been coming to read the site, but it is taking some time for me to rework my upcoming reviews.  However, plans for a video supplement to some of my previous reviews are in the works, so with some effort, I should at least have the new text review up in a day or two, and the video next week.

What will the video be for?  Stay tuned to find out.