DTV Hell: Revelation (Now with video clips!)

So, first review of the new year, and so, I suppose it’s time to provide some supplemental video clips for the review? Indeed, it is. Welcome to DTV Hell, 2011, as I learn how to make video reviews. Probably quite slowly. But hey, I have to start somewhere, so I guess reviewing what I would prefer to see as a kind of flagship review set is as good a place as any. Continue reading


DTV Hell…kinda: The God Who Wasn’t There (text review)

So, I’ve talked about Christian movies that slam their messages down your throat so hard, they’d be charged with sodomy, if those laws still existed. However, we’ve only talked about one movie that tried to force a “Christianity is dumb” message down just as hard. Since I have three more Apocalypse movies to review, as well as Left Behind and at least one more Rich Christiano film, I’d best throw in another anti-Christianity movie. In this case, a documentary. Continue reading

DTV Hell: The Time Changer (text review)

First, a disclaimer. The content and opinions of this blog or any of my reviews do not necessarily reflect those of any of the websites which host them. With that out of the way, time for a terrible Christian movie.

While sitting bored at my third-shift job on weekends a couple years back, I saw an advertisement on Trinity Broadcasting for what looked like a strangely interesting Christian movie. The film was called The Time Changer, and featured a bible seminary professor traveling though time to, I could only assume, bring forth the return of Cthulhu to wipe all life from our insignificant speck of a planet. Well, actually, that would have been a much more interesting film, but instead we got a flawed pile of something that actually makes me more likely to hate God than to follow his orders. Continue reading