DTV Heaven: Roman (video review)

I said it would be done by today.  So here it is.  This is the kind of movie that appeals to pretty specific audiences, but I liked it, so you might too!


On a side note, I’m giving up on Pinnacle Studio, because its a flawed piece of crap that constantly crashes and fights me for control harder than an OS X Mac.  A few notes after the jump.The process of getting this review finished was insane.  While I still got it out about the same speed as my previous reviews, it took longer due to some issues with Pinnacle.  Normally, I review movies that I rent or own.  I use a Dazzle to get the footage, but it is rather inconsistent.  I needed to find two different copies of Roman to get the footage, and it may be noticeable in the review.  I finally got the job done, and have learned much in the process, so it’s a good thing.  The next review will be done sooner than this one, even though I will be using either Sony Vegas 10 or Magix Movie Edit Pro.  I’ll figure it out soon enough.  Thank you for your patience (or for randomly watching the review, either way).


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