DTV Heaven: Roman (video review)

I said it would be done by today.  So here it is.  This is the kind of movie that appeals to pretty specific audiences, but I liked it, so you might too!

On a side note, I’m giving up on Pinnacle Studio, because its a flawed piece of crap that constantly crashes and fights me for control harder than an OS X Mac.  A few notes after the jump. Continue reading


Update: Roman hates me. Or, maybe Pinnacle does…

The Roman review will, come hell or high water, be finished by the end of Sunday. I’ve had some real problems getting the footage and audio to sync properly after the first segment of the movie, so I’ve been sitting on a half-done review for a couple days. However, the next two reviews have already been written (first drafts, anyway), so they should be coming faster. Thanks to everyone who has been coming by and watching/reading these reviews. Here’s what’s coming up: Continue reading